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Broughton welcomes the Vanquish Flex

Broughton Laboratories have just taken delivery of the new Vanquish Flex from Thermo Fisher Scientific to put the system through its paces in a ‘real-life’ environment. Working in collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific, we will be looking to vastly improve the efficiency of some of our most common HPLC methods.

Not only does the Vanquish Flex allow significant reductions in HPLC run times by operating under UHPLC conditions, a notable improvement in precision has been proven from Day 1. The system has already been assessed using our in-house Performance Qualification (PQ) method, showing an improvement across the board in comparison to its predecessor the Ultimate 3000. For 50µL injections of a caffeine solutions' %RSD values of 0.00% and less than 0.1% were obtained for the retention times and peak areas respectively.

An important factor to any laboratory is the ongoing cost of equipment maintenance. The Vanquish Flex has been built with a ceramic injection valve and a split sampler, meaning the injection rotor is no longer a serviceable part. In fact there are only two serviceable parts on the system (injection seal and pump seals). Combined with reduced cycle times, UHPLC capability, increased precision and sensitivity makes the Vanquish Flex a clear choice for the development of new and existing HPLC methods.

Due to the clear advantages the Vanquish Flex brings, Broughton Laboratories have commissioned the install of two further Vanquish Flex systems with both being coupled up to TSQ Endura Triple Quad Mass Spectrometry detectors. This will provide an unrivaled degree of speed, sensitivity and selectivity allowing us to develop more efficient and robust methods for our clients. 


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Posted by Chris Allen | Jun 16, 2017 4:39:28 PM | Categories: Insider

Chris Allen