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March 26

Broughton joins the COVID-19 Fight

In these challenging times, it’s vital that the UK medicines supply chain is kept fully operational. At Broughton we understand that we are a vital cog in the supply chain and take seriously the responsibility to play our part to ensure drug and medicine availability.

The global healthcare system is working fast to try to fight the global COVID-19 pandemic and we are part of the fight. Our team is currently analysing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and Finished products for a number of treatments that are currently being investigated to alleviate the symptoms of the virus.

Like many in a similar position we have instigated preventative and business continuity measures to ensure that we do everything to remain fully operational. We are also working with our team and applying flexible work patterns where possible to ensure we are ready to increase quality control release testing for a range of medicines when it is needed most.


Quality Control Services

About the Author

Tony Johnson is the Business Development Director at Broughton Laboratories. After graduating from Loughborough University with a Master’s degree in Analytical Chemistry, Tony started his career at Astrazeneca where he spent 20 years managing a team of analytical chemists delivering method development, validation and stability studies. He then progressed into the contract analytical laboratory industry where he held several positions gaining further experience on meeting the expectations of industry-leading clients. Since joining Broughton Laboratories, Tony is committed to delivering unrivalled and collaborative customer service.