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January 31

Coverage on November MHRA Symposium

Broughton attended the MHRA GMP Symposium which took place at the Novotel London West in November. The overall theme of the Symposium was how to apply Quality Risk Management principles across your supply chain and manufacturing process to allow you to make best use of your resources.  As a business operating in the pharmaceutical industry, it is important to implement and maintain a risk management process to ensure efficacy, safety and quality of products manufactured.  This Symposium was packed with useful tips and presentations delivered by experienced MHRA Inspectors.


A key take-away of this event was that Risk Management forms a key part of an organisation’s culture.  In a presentation titled “Critical Thinking and Risk Management”, Bob Wheeler and David Churchward explored the importance of critical thinking, the role this has on risk management and how often this does not come naturally to people.  The shared beliefs and behaviours of people within the organisation drive culture, and therefore critical thinking is a skill that must be instilled within the business.


Following on from this, a presentation titled “Organisational Culture and Knowledge Management” delivered by Ewan Norton, explained how the culture of a business is closely linked to its compliance.  For any company who is regulated by the MHRA, we would highly recommend attending the MHRA symposiums and actively join the community of protecting public health through the delivery of high quality, safe and effective medicines.

About the Author

Chris Voisey is a Project Delivery Manager at Broughton Laboratories. Chris graduated from the University of Hull with a degree in Chemical Science and started his career at Broughton Laboratories in July of this year. With over eight years’ experience in medical devices Chris brings a wealth of manufacturing, process excellence and quality knowledge to the Broughton Project Management Office (PMO) Group.