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March 23

Modified Release Dissolution

Broughton Laboratories are pleased to announce the introduction of the Hanson G2 AutoPlus auto-sampler as an add-on to their existing dissolution testing capabilities.

The G2 AutoPlus delivers a significant advantage when assessing dissolution profiles as part of QC Batch Release Testing, Stability Studies or In-Vitro Bioequivalence studies due to the accuracy and precision of the sampling process. Modified Released (also known as Extended, Delayed or Sustained Release) products are becoming more common with dissolution profiles in the region of twelve hours being typical.

Managing Director Chris Allen added “Over recent years many companies have realised the advantage of presenting common and popular molecules in the modified release form. This does introduce challenges from an analytical perspective but the introduction of the Hanson G2 AutoPlus allows us to meet these challenges and also increase efficiency by allowing multiple dissolution baths to continue running outside of normal working hours.”

Broughton Laboratories can support you in the development and execution of dissolution profile analytical methodology for QC Batch Release Testing, Stability Testing and in-vitro Bioequivalence studies. To find out more please contact us.

About the Author

Leslie Henderson was the Operations Director for Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) at Broughton Laboratories. Prior to joining Broughton in 2015, Leslie served at Covance in various roles around bioanalysis and biopharmaceutical services. His educational background is a BSc in Applied Biochemistry from the University of Ulster, Jordanstown. As a member of the leadership team, Leslie brings over 16 years of experience in the drug development and biopharmaceutical industries. Since joining Broughton, Leslie’s key focus is to effectively implement strategic plans and provide diligent leadership for operational growth to meet customers’ expectations within the dynamic ENDS market.