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Ensuring patient safety is our focus in quality control. We provide quality control and batch release testing.  We confirm if product meets specification, and our proactive approach highlights atypical results so that our clients can take the appropriate action to ensure safe and effective products are delivered to the market.

Reliable Turnaround

Implementing business continuity is best practice to ensure you continually meet the demands of your supply chain despite unusual circumstances. Whether you encounter a spike in workload above your internal capacity, or your outsourced laboratory is unable to deliver on your requirements, we provide reliable and scalable QC batch release testing.

Web Portal for Data Access

We offer secure, permission controlled access to your data through our online web portal.  From here, you can submit samples for testing, retrieve certificates, trend data, export data to excel and view historical test results.   We believe in maintaining a collaborative approach to our service and give you the visibility of progress from start to finish.

Dedicated Product Expertise

Maintaining the relationship and service levels with your suppliers can be a challenge, and that’s why we make it easy for you to do business with us. We provide you with a dedicated team who understands your products and provides a service as convenient as your in-house laboratory.

We make it easy for you to do business with us.

Quality Control Services

Why our clients work with us

We provide a dedicated team of analysts to work closely with each our clients to develop long-term relationships. This team builds and maintains full product knowledge to act as your internal lab with a pre-emptive service. We help our clients identify problem areas quickly and provide them with recommendations and solutions that are aligned with their business goals.



Broughton Laboratories attended the MHRA GMP Symposium which took place at the Novotel London West in November. The overall theme of the Symposium was how to apply Quality Risk Management principles across your supply chain and manufacturing process to allow you to make best use of your resources.


At the start of June, Broughton Laboratories began work with the new Vanquish Flex – Thermo Fisher Scientific's latest UHPLC instrument. With pressure capabilities of over 1000 bar, this equipment is a dream for any analyst doing routine HPLC work. When put through its Performance Qualification (PQ) tests, %RSD values of 0.1% were achieved for peak areas.


In May 2017 Broughton Laboratories received training in Out-of-Specification (OOS) and Out-of-Trend (OOT) Investigations by renowned industry training provider NSF, hosted by Pete Gough.

Whilst investigating OOS and OOT results is nothing new to Broughton Laboratories